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Tactical Edge Computing

RavenTek integrates and delivers IT Modernization and Security solutions across the Federal and DoD spaces. Through our experience with Data Centers, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Enterprise Management, and Tactical Systems, we offer the RavenTek Tactical Edge Platform. The Tactical Edge Platform is a ruggedized, open-source platform that can operate as a standalone system in an austere environment and integrate with enterprise systems to enable true power projection for the warfighter.

Our subject matter experts combine the best of breed technologies to provide an agile, sustainable, and relevant solution to our customers to meet mission requirements.


RavenTek understands the end-user experience is critical to productivity in Federal Agencies and as more applications are loaded onto the network, application performance monitoring (APM) becomes more critical. It is important to your agency to partner with RavenTek to customize an APM Solution that will help you quickly detect, identify and resolve delays along the communications chain.

RavenTek’s engineers will partner with you to create a solution that will work on a variety of end devices that include desktops, laptops, tablets and other mobile computing devices all while monitoring a customer’s on premise, cloud and hybrid environments. From a single dashboard a service desk technician can identify issues all the way down to the SQL query or method and quickly solve the problem with minimal interruption to productivity.



Every minute, federal agencies’ networks and infrastructure are under attack whether on premise or in the cloud. It is critical to your mission that you partner with RavenTek to customize an Endpoint Threat Detection Solution that will protect your agency from attacks.

RavenTek Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and security engineers are on the leading edge of innovative technology that works with revolutionary speed and scale to provide real time visibility and insight into everything that is happening on your endpoints throughout your environment. As the attacks against your networks advance in skill, precision and tactics you can trust RavenTek to provide you with an endpoint threat detection solution that will help you detect, investigate, respond and prevent threats with a custom and innovative solution.


Networking performance monitoring (NPM) is critical across federal agencies to ensure network availability and optimal performance across the networks. It is critical to your mission to partner with RavenTek to create a custom NPM Solution that will ensure a quick response and prevent future disruptions to issues affecting the end-user experience.

RavenTek’s Engineers will customize an NPM solution that will help you maintain a high-performing and secure network throughout your hybrid cloud architecture by creating a broad view across IT domains. While your agency focuses on your mission, RavenTek’s NPM solution will minimize the downtime of your business-critical applications by rapidly triaging network performance problems.



 A solid integrated data management solution at federal agencies is a top priority and has become more complex with an increased amount of data and mandates for less spending on data management. As a leader in the industry, it is important that your agency partner with RavenTek to help you navigate complex hardware and software compatibility issues that arise.

RavenTek’s engineers will customize a storage solution that will help your agency fully integrate your storage, compute and network environments to optimize their ability to process, store and retain your distributed data environment all while maintaining complete security and compliance of your data. RavenTek will enlist the right partner technology for your agency to ensure mission readiness without sacrificing performance associated with your storage solution.

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