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Who We Are

RavenTek is an IT modernization and integration company. We deliver and customize leading-edge agile solutions, services and products to mission critical organizations, primarily federal government agencies. We provide systems integration and IT engineering, specifically around data center optimization, cloud migration and consolidation, modernization, application performance analysis and improvement, end-user experience improvement and network performance, cybersecurity, including endpoint threat detection, threat intelligence analysis, data center protection, DDOS protection, and multifactor authentication.

About Us

Our Mission

To bring leading-edge IT solutions, services and products to mission critical organizations.

Our Values

We are an employee-centric company that is mission-focused. We prioritize integrity, innovation, agility, and collaboration, and have fun doing so.

Our Headquarters

Our headquarters is located in Herndon, Virginia and we operate in over 20 states and around the world in 5 countries.

Community Service

RavenTek pursues its commitment to the mission, customers and community not just through the work we do, but also through our community service. We are privileged to support the following organizations that do inspiring work supporting our community:

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RavenWerx is our internally-funded center for innovation, where our most creative and curious engineers and IT professionals collaborate to research, develop and explore new ideas without any constraints. Our most talented and creative engineers and IT specialists use RavenWerx as a place to spend their time off from actual projects, to conceive, ideate, innovate, develop, integrate, test and apply new ideas or new technologies developed by partners, so that RavenTek can later bring the best and latest technologies to our customers, with experience and without bias.

Some of our areas of exploration include advancements in artificial intelligence, blockchain, Internet-of-Things, advanced analytics, network performance improvement, and cybersecurity.

About Us
About Us


RSEKURE, a wholly owned subsidiary of RavenTek, transforms the way our clients do business. We deliver cloud and enterprise solutions and services across multiple federal contracting verticals. Some of the innovative solutions and services we offer enable cybersecurity, data center & cloud architectures, enterprise networks, and mobility to transform as the enterprise footprint shifts

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