Application Performance

RavenTek is a top services provider for Riverbed Technologies. Your infrastructure and network exist for one reason, to deliver the applications that matter to your business. You need to understand dependencies between your applications and network, be alerted to issues before business is impacted, and accelerate troubleshooting. Riverbed Performance Management provides the solutions you need to manage network performance from the application perspective

End-to-End Network Monitoring, Reporting, and Analytics

How is your IT infrastructure and network contributing to the performance of important applications? Are you overloaded with raw data but struggling to see the big picture and to communicate it? IT infrastructure exists for one reason, to deliver applications. To really understand holistic application performance, you need an end-to-end network and infrastructure view that helps you manage performance through the lens of the application. Riverbed SteelCentral NetProfiler (formerly Cascade Profiler) gives you this lens to easily troubleshoot and find the root cause of network and application issues before your end users ever know there’s a problem.

Network Troubleshooting – High Performance Packet Capture

Are you trying to identify network problems without slices of data? Or is your network clogging as you try to transfer large files across it for central analysis? Continuously and easily troubleshoot network activity in real time with the always-on Riverbed® SteelCentral NetShark (formerly Cascade® Shark appliance). It quickly captures, indexes, and stores all data packets without the need for file transfers.

High-Speed Packet Analysis

As you capture terabytes of packet data traversing your network, Riverbed® SteelCentral Packet Analyzer (formerly Cascade® Pilot software) reads that traffic and presents it back to you via an easy-to-grasp graphical user interface. Analyze multi-TB recordings from locally-presented trace files or on remote Riverbed® SteelCentral NetShark (formerly Cascade® Shark appliance) probes (physical, virtual, or embedded on Riverbed SteelHead) without the need for a large file transfer, to quickly identify anomalous network issues or diagnose and troubleshoot complex network and application performance issues down to the bit level through Pilot’s full integration with Wireshark.

End-user Perspective for Network Performance Management

Wherever your users are located you can get detailed insight into the performance of their web and non-web applications. Readily see the response time of each application, by user, and the contributing sources of delay all along the communications chain.

Infrastructure Component Monitoring

Your network is filled with infrastructure components, but do you know what they’re all doing and how their behavior is affecting your applications? Riverbed® SteelCentral NetSensor (formerly OPNET AppSensor Xpert) captures data from all your components — including servers, application components, network devices, and storage systems — to give you a complete picture of how your infrastructure is affecting the performance of your applications.

NetFlow Reporting and Analysis

The SteelCentral NetProfiler (formerly Cascade Profiler appliance) utilizes network flow data (NetFlow, sFlow, J-Flow, IPFIX, etc.) for true enterprise-class flow monitoring. This solution is tightly integrated with world-class packet capture and analysis, allowing for proactive application and network performance monitoring and troubleshooting.

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