Business Intelligence Solutions

In today’s government organizations, data is so abundant that it is difficult to unlock its potential. We help our agency customers to unlock the full potential of their data.

The Business Intelligence world can be an overlapping and confusing myriad of styles, data, technologies and methodologies. Although business intelligence solutions have continued to grow and improve, organizations still have a difficult time carving out and effectively acting upon reliable information from the terabytes of data available, which are often disparate and incompatible.

RavenTek Business Intelligence (RBIS) provides an innovative portfolio of business analytics and management consulting service offerings that help organizations improve their decision-making processes and optimize resource allocations through disciplined, data-driven cost, financial, and economic analyses.

Our service offerings include:

  • Business Case Analysis (BCA)
  • Analysis of Alternatives (AoA)
  • Risk Analysis
  • Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA)
  • Mission Resource Analysis
  • Economic Analysis
  • Custom data visualization development and deployment
  • Data exploration and integration
  • Data modeling and architecture
  • Life Cycle Cost Estimate (LCCE)
  • Affordability Analysis/Assessments
  • Cost and financial modeling and simulation
  • Should Cost Analysis
  • Acquisition strategy and documentation
  • Budget formulation and execution
  • Financial auditing
  • Earned Value Management
  • Integrated Master Schedule (IMS)