Consulting & Managed Services

Consulting & Managed Services

Consulting Services

We design the right solution – the first time – and deploy seamlessly, on time and within budget. That’s how we build long-term relationships and a reputation for excellence in all that we do. We understand the challenges presented by a rapidly changing technology environment. We see and think beyond the horizon, anticipating outcomes – for both today and tomorrow. Our engineers design, implement and maintain critical information systems that support our customers’ operational imperatives.

Our Approach

Did you know that Ravens work in cooperative teams to accomplish tasks too big for one single bird? The RavenTek team works closely alongside our customers to understand their current tool set, processes and procedures in order to find solutions that meet their unique requirements. Together, we’ll formulate a strategy and implementation plan to drive organizational buy-in and user adoption. When our customers are ready to fly, we support their lift and help them adjust to inevitable changes in their environment so that they don’t get left behind.

Managed Services

IT managed services is the practice of distributing business IT processes to a 3rd Party in order to improve operations and reduce expenses. Whether managing a single system or utilizing a fully managed service, RavenTek can help you outsource your IT in multiple ways to create efficiencies across your organization. RavenTek’s managed services incorporates multiple core areas of expertise in a packaged solution for federal and commercial enterprises, including:

RavenTek operates in multiple locations throughout the United States and in countries around the world. Our ability to provide SME level, cleared engineering resources CONUS and OCONUS means customer needs can be met worldwide under any managed service scenario.