Cyber Security Services - Cyber Protection at All Times

Moving beyond firewalls and data encryption, information assurance (IA) encompass physical security, staff training and advanced planning for catastrophic data loss or theft. RavenTek has built a center of excellence in our information assurance practice to support the high-grade information security requirements of civilian and defense agencies.

Real-world cyber expertise

We protect the integrity, confidentiality and availability of critical information, systems and networks. We utilize industry best practices and proven methodologies to deliver a full spectrum security program for the enterprise. We also bring
real-world cyber experience, expertise and certifications that are widely recognized by both to commercial and
government customers.

Our security engineering services provide customers with security architecture reviews, boundary assessment and layered defense, architecture and technology assessments, and current and future network security architectures. We work with
a number of product vendors (hardware and software) to assure the latest solutions are being considered, offered
and provided.

Business-ready security solutions

Our network and enterprise security practice provides information security solutions for financial, healthcare and government customers. Solutions include email encryption, security for software-as-a-service (SaaS), cloud security assessment, managed security services, security assessments, penetration testing, social engineering, vulnerability assessment and business continuity planning for risk management. We also advise information security operations, including process design, user provisioning, audit management, security awareness programs and information security operations center (SOC).

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