Digital Harmonic’s KeyFrame: Your Key to More Mission Capability

Up to 80% Bandwidth Reduction
Zero Loss of Quality Streaming

More mission capability delivered to you with zero impact to existing H.264, H.265, VP9 or AV1 encoding pipelines.

Keyframe is a cross-platform software library that’s easily integrated into any site or app to dramatically decrease bandwidth while increasing the quality of video files.

Configured as a “bump-in-the-wire” solution in any real-time image, video, or stream processing workflow, operating on the client side, with the option to be used server side. This allows upstream bandwidth reductions in situations where the client is not modifiable. Keyframe’s peerless clientside software library integrates seamlessly into desktop, browser, TV, and smartphone video viewing platforms to improve video quality, with zero impact to existing h.264, h.265, VP9 or AV1 encoding pipelines.

As an exclusive and strategic go-to-market partner with Digital Harmonic, RavenTek brings decades of experience supporting DoD and IC customers to deliver a best in class mission enhancement capabilities. RavenTek is an IT Systems Integrator delivering mission critical Innovation to our federal government partners.