Use Case

Federal Agency Boosts Scalability with Network Performance Monitoring for Enterprise Visibility

An independent federal agency that works to promote fundamental research and education manages over 3500 end users. In order to successfully support internal end users and external clients with applications for grants and projects, the agency operates in a hybrid cloud environment. Over the years, the agency has continued to expand in size of its workforce and scope of its mission. As federal IT teams know, scaling IT infrastructure can be a huge challenge, be it the proliferation of new data centers, networks, servers, and applications.

Compounding the complexities of scaling its IT infrastructure out, the agency has a number of IT teams involved in maintaining its hybrid cloud environment, including the Network team, Operations, Server, Engineering, and Help/Service Desk team. Each team used several disparate toolsets that provided fragmented visibility across the enterprise, making it increasingly difficult to troubleshoot performance issues or end user complaints in a proactive manner. The agency needed a solution that could provide utmost network performance, connectivity, and visibility, while ensuring every IT team was on the same page. 

By turning to RavenTek’s consultative approach and engineering expertise and applying Riverbed’s SteelCentral Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) solution set, the agency was able to boost scalability through integrated network and infrastructure visibility. Now, the agency can continue to confidently scale its hybrid IT infrastructure while empowering every IT team with end-to-end network visibility and a single source of truth when it comes to troubleshooting performance issues.