RavenTek Intelligence
& Operation Services (RIOS)

RIOS provides mission-critical services and solutions that support national security priorities. Our highly skilled, cleared professionals have specialized experience are capable of providing a wide range of intelligence operations, surveillance, personnel security and information technology services to federal agencies across the government, including the Homeland Security, Defense and Intelligence Communities worldwide.

Driven by mission priorities and the most stringent business metrics, budget constraints and best practice models, RavenTek companies successfully support their customers at every critical point across a project’s lifecycle—from strategy, design, and development through operations, management, migration and maintenance. The result: streamlined project implementation, aggressive cost control and the clearest line of sight to consistently superior mission outcomes.

What it offers

  • Policy Development, Planning and Program Implementation
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Operations Analyst Support
  • Cyber Operations Support
  • Intelligence Training
  • Personnel Security
  • Threat & Vulnerability Assessments
  • Risk Assessments
  • Security Program Development
  • Information Assurance