Quality means that we meet
or exceed your requirements.

We strive to provide services which meet or exceed customer requirements. Our quality control system was developed with an interdisciplinary approach. In our mindset, quality assurance covers all activities from design, development, production, installation, servicing and documentation. Moreover, quality assurance means that our deliverables are "fit for purpose" -and "do it right the first time". Also, our engineers provide more than assessment and technical advice. They can modify applications to our clients needs, design a system for unusual requirements and deploy solutions that work.

Ours is a company-wide quality approach.

Our company has a quality improvement process which supports the achievement of excellence in all that we do. All RavenTek personnel and its functional business units approach quality with a disciplined and open mind, and management leads the quality improvement process. Additionally, we have developed sound business systems and company processes to support our quality assurance. Our company-wide quality approach places an emphasis on these keystones which drive excellence in all that we do:

These Keystones drives excellence in all that we do

We have clearly defined criteria for maintaining and enhancing our systems.
We focus place a high value on knowledge, skills and experience.
We focus on personnel integrity, confidence, motivation, team spirit and quality relationships.
Our hand-selected, specialized professionals have a deep understanding of technologies and core business requirements.
We perform quickly and efficiently, with procedures in place to assure a seamless and timely implementation.
We have a full spectrum of equipment and services from which build the best solution for your mission.