Splunk for Nonprofits

Splunk for Nonprofits

Put Splunk to Work for Your Nonprofit

Keeping pace with today’s rapidly changing technology landscape can be particularly challenging for nonprofit organizations, whose budgets and resources are often limited. Splunk is the global leader in keeping digital systems securely up and running. Putting RavenTek and Splunk to work for your nonprofit can help you optimize operational efficiency and make it easier to make a difference.

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Go Beyond Monitoring

Fend off threat actors, eliminate downtime, and fix issues faster by taking advantage of RavenTek’s Splunk for nonprofit offerings. Through either free or preferred access with discounted pricing to Splunk Enterprise, Splunk Cloud, and Splunk Premium apps such as Enterprise Security and IT Service Intelligence (ITSI), start analyzing your data in minutes and quickly get back to what you love: serving your community.

RavenVISION + Splunk for Nonprofits: Better Together

The RavenVISION Framework helps organizations identify Security and Observability Maturity across the entire organization. Our dedicated team helps nonprofits visualize blind spots made of up both visibility gaps—where data does not exist or is not high enough quality to be useful—and observability gaps—where data exist but is not made available to the right people at the right time. We then work with you through a journey of continuous improvement to deliver better experiences and harden your security posture. 

Our Mission is Helping You Deliver on Yours

We are dedicated to helping you deliver on your mission and have built our managed services around helping you get the most out of your technology investments. Leverage our professional services and in-house expertise to implement Splunk and experience: 

Ensure your systems and applications are operating at peak performance by analyzing data in real time with Splunk.

Governance, Risk and Compliance is on every nonprofit’s board of directors’ agenda. With unmatched visibility into the active state of your systems, Splunk and RavenTek ensure you meet and exceed even the most stringent regulations and requirements. 

Get the most out of your existing investments and gain valuable understanding of how donors, members and constituents navigate through your operations, websites and applications. 

Have confidence in your decision making based on real-time insights about your operations, systems, process and workflows. Drive resilience, unlock innovation and build confidence for your donors, volunteers, members, beneficiaries and employees. 

Achieve Full-Stack Visibility and Observability

Let’s work together to deliver safe and secure digital experiences with unmatched visibility into the risk and performance of your mission critical systems and data.