Enterprise Infrastructure

Transform Your Business for Today and Tomorrow

Your infrastructure is the basis on which all enterprise applications run, delivering the tools your users need to keep your business going.

In today’s digital era, robust and scalable enterprise infrastructure solutions are more critical than ever. Still, achieving modernization and efficiency is more than just a lift-and-shift to the cloud.

RavenTek has mastered the complexities behind building and supporting agile and adaptable infrastructures and can help modernize and future-proof your entire ecosystem.

Accelerate Your Modernization Efforts

Enterprise infrastructure solutions need to be managed in a way that is agile and adaptable to dynamic environments without becoming more costly than the infrastructures it is designed to replace. RavenTek’s holistic approach and robust modernization practices, with expertise in cloud, architecture, infrastructure and integration, have been perfected over time to ensure maximum standardization and automation across functional areas of your organization.

Our Solutions

The RavenTek team will help implement and support modernization efforts at every level of the organization. Following an agile development process, we offer IT leaders the flexibility they need to maintain an organizational technology roadmap while maximizing return on investment.

Network Design & Optimization

Streamline processes, automate tasks and provide the tools needed to work efficiently.

IT Infrastructure Design​ & Installation

Improve the reliability, speed and security of data sharing across teams and functional areas.

Legacy Application Refactoring

Reshape and optimize existing software to breathe new life into legacy applications.

Cloud Assessment, Strategy & Migration

Seamlessly transition operations to the cloud and unlock scalability, flexibility and efficiency.

Data Center Design & Virtualization

Optimize space, energy and resources for peak performance with agility that enables scalability.

Cloud & Data Center Managed Services

Focus on what matters most while our team ensures your systems run at peak efficiency 24/7.

Realize True Data Observability

RavenVISION delivers the visible integration of all data needed to inform Zero Trust architectures–breaking down silos and enabling data-driven decision making. Our approach to centralized data intelligence enables dynamic, real-time policy and governance driven through advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Managed Services

The many moving pieces of today’s IT operations can be overwhelming and distract your focus from core business goals and objectives. Rest assured with our strategic, fully and co-managed solutions and services that can be implemented across your entire organization.

Future-proof Your Organization with Solutions That Scale

RavenTek’s professional services team is ready to work with you to find the right enterprise infrastructure solutions that will help you achieve your goals.