Digital Employee Experience

Make Every Experience Matter with ManagedDEX

Gain data-driven, actionable insights into the technologies your users are interacting with and deliver amazing experiences across the enterprise.

Work happens wherever your workforce is—an evolution that has made modern IT environments complex and ever-changing. In this new world of work, many are looking for ways to help teams become more productive, streamline operations, reduce wasteful spending and prioritize business objectives. It’s time to stop guessing. With digital employee experience management from ManagedDEX, gain data-driven, actionable insights into the technologies your users are interacting with and deliver amazing experiences across the enterprise.

Fine-Tune the Tools and Technology Fueling Your Business

ManagedDEX is the Digital Employee Experience (DEX) service that monitors the quality of every employee experience on any application and on any device. Identify strategies to create world-class employee experiences, transform the service desk and cut unnecessary IT costs.

Monitor Any Application on Any Device

Your teams don’t care how the technology functions; they just want it to work. Now you can seamlessly monitor the digital end-user experience across any number of applications and devices to ensure optimal performance, quickly identify root-cause for issues impacting productivity and gain unmatched, real-time visibility that tells the story of how your teams engage and leverage your technology.

Analyze Every Business Activity in Real Time

Your workforce relies on mission-critical applications to keep your business running. From collaborating on a Microsoft Teams call, to fielding a customer service ticket, to highly complex business workflows. ManagedDEX enables you to define every user interaction and benchmark, manage and improve workforce productivity while gaining valuable insights to boost the employee experience in the process.

Proactively Detect and Throubleshoot Issues

Your workforce is often too busy to report device or application issues, even if it’s impacting their work. ManagedDEX automatically sets performance baselines, enables you to manually set SLA thresholds, and alerts you when violations occur. Detect and resolve application performance issues proactively to improve workforce productivity no matter where or how your end users work.

Backed by a History of Innovation

RavenTek’s ManagedDEX is backed by Riverbed’s Alluvio Aternity platform through the company’s ACE program. RavenTek is Riverbed’s exclusive ACE partner in North America.

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Deliver Amazing Digital Experiences Across the Enterprise

With ManagedDEX, your IT operations teams will have data-driven insights into exactly what end users see, no matter what app or type of device they’re using. Not only will you be able to isolate the cause of delays to the network or device but resolve those user-impacting issues directly and track usage over time to continually improve performance.

Continually improve performance while you streamline your technology investments, boost user satisfaction, and optimize the productivity of your tech-dependent workforce.


Discover every app in your enterprise, track usage and create a score for app performance and device health.


See what your users see when they interact with applications in your environment in real time to resolve issues faster.


Reduce the cost of device refresh and enterprise software licenses based on utilization across your entire workforce.


Compare your employee experience before, during and after an IT upgrade or change to ensure better service results.


Leverage a library of automation scripts to automatically resolve the most common device or employee end-user issues.


Hold cloud and SaaS vendors accountable for employee and end-user experiences through benchmarking and monitoring performance.

Start Your DEX Journey Today

As Riverbed’s exclusive ACE partner for North America, RavenTek and its partners empower the digital employee experience and accelerates enterprise performance.