Empower an Observability Center of Excellence

Visible integration of all data needed to inform Zero Trust architectures and proactively drive multi-domain service efficiency.

Many organizational teams view IT performance data within the lens of the individual IT silos and tools for which they are responsible. This disjointed approach creates teams of IT experts looking at security, infrastructure, operations and network from varying points of view and priorities. The RavenVISION approach to centralized data intelligence enables dynamic, real-time policy and governance driven through advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence.

A Service-Implemented Methodology for Zero Trust

We ensure the right subject matter experts are in place to match your existing technology investments. A robust assessment process of your current environment leads to thorough planning and build out of a completely integrated single context observability platform.

Impartial Technology Integration

AI/ML and Automation for a Proactive Posture

Transition Service Solution for Complete End-to-End Observability

Includes All IT Domains to Enhance Security and Operations

Maximize Existing Investments to Meet Compliance and Mandate Goals

Complete Integration of a Single Context Observability Platform

RavenVISION Data Intelligence Model

The RavenVISION Data Intelligence Model is tool agnostic and allows organizational change to propagate through the data at the pillar of technology.

Threat Score, Risk Score, Target Valuation, Triage Priority, and Compliance Score


Periodic Review Updates within 360 Days, System-wide Data/System/Software/User/Log Provenance

API Standards

Artificial Intelligence


Incident Response

Security Orchestration, Automation & Response (SOAR)

Discovery & Baselining

Machine Learning

Risk Evaluation & Dynamic Risk Scoring


Monitoring & Auditing

Advanced Threat Protection

Security and Information Event Management (SIEM)

Data Loss Prevention

Data Classification

Metadata Management

Data Encryption


Data Segmentation

Dynamic Data Masking (DDM)

Fully-automated Data Tagging via ML/AI

Data Rights Management (DRM)

Device & Endpoint

Device Authorization

HW & SW Inventory

Cloud-based Baseline Enforcement

Compliance Enforcement

Device Authentication

Cloud-based Software Deployment & Mgmt.

Intelligence for Endpoint Response

Network & Environment

API Integration

Fully Encrypted Traffic

Common Service Access

Network Segmentation

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

Software Defined Networking (SDN)

Software Defined Perimeter

Application Proxy

Management & Monitoring


Application & Workload


Application Delivery


Application Segmentation

Software Chain Supply

Software Defined Compute

Application Approved/Prohibited List

Application Visibility & Access


User Authentication

User Authorization

Cybersecurity Access Policy

Privilege Access Management

Single Identity Platform


In-session Monitoring


Key Management

Transparent Authentication

The Data Value Chain

RavenVISION observability leverages RavenTek’s Data Value Chain to create repeatable processes using a value-focused methodology for continuous integration and delivery of relevant data to gain real, empirical insights. The process integrates existing technology investments to build an efficient data platform with the mission to set and reach incremental, achievable goals.

RavenVISION observability data value chain

RavenVISION and Splunk: Go Beyond Enterprise Security

As a certified Splunk partner and managed service provider, RavenTek delivers on business outcomes and solves real, complex problems by bringing the entire ecosystem, architecture and data into focus. By using Splunk as the backbone, RavenVISION aggregates and securely integrates multi-domain, multi-platform, multi-tool data and often dispersed, siloed datasets into actionable, contextualized insights.

See the Possibilities

RavenVISION delivers true observability with the visible integration of all IT data needed to inform Zero Trust architectures.