End-to-End Digital Transformation

Solving mission critical challenges involves identifying the right solution at the right time, addressing immediate need while planning for future impact. RavenTek combines best of breed technologies and engineers, driven by the need for speed to capability, to ensure our customers are able to meet and sustain mission requirements while understanding the impact to their employees, customers and all relevant stakeholders.

Enterprise Infrastructure

The technology landscape is in constant motion towards increased efficiency and continues to converge previously siloed capabilities. The pathway to Cloud Modernization is more than a lift-and-shift move to the cloud – it needs to be managed in a way that is agile and scalable without becoming more costly than the infrastructures it is designed to replace in the first place. RavenTek’s approach takes a “whole of enterprise” point of view to ensure maximum standardization and automation across functional areas. Following an agile development process, we offer IT leaders the flexibility the need in order to maintain an organizational tech road map while maximizing their return on investment. RavenTek has built a robust modernization practice with expertise in cloud, architecture, infrastructure, and integration along with a professional services team to implement and support modernization efforts at every level of the organization.


Federal agencies and commercial enterprises alike are under a consistent state of attack whether on premise or in the cloud. RavenTek cybersecurity solutions enable organizations with the advanced threat detection tools and management expertise to stay ahead of rising attacks with minimum disruption to their applications and end users. RavenTek provides Incident Response teams the tools they need to find internal or external threats as well as the evidence to support their investigations.

Transform Your Cybersecurity Program

We work to understand your unique security challenges in order to implement the right combination of cyber defense technology, architecture and training that can protect from growing threats without any disruption.

Data Modernization & Analytics

With deep enterprise visibility, a solid infrastructure and cloud strategy, and a forward-thinking data analytics practice in place, IT teams can lead organizations to become powerful data-driven decision-makers. At RavenTek, we help organizations gain visibility into their data and get more out it. By partnering with best-in-class data platforms and working with expert data engineers and data scientists, RavenTek provides end-to-end data analytics & insights including data discovery, integration, ETL, analytics-as-a-service to help drive your mission forward.

Enterprise Visibility & Performance

Federal IT is increasingly moving to an as-a-service centric model and the workforce is more mobile than ever. It has become even more difficult for IT organizations to…

  1. Troubleshoot application and infrastructure-related issues;
  2. Provide proof of value;
  3. Ensure “as-a-service” providers are meeting their SLAs and
  4. Establish End-User Experience as a driver for productivity and efficiency all while constantly monitoring for the next cyber attack.

RavenTek’s delivers real-time visibility into all the critical infrastructure and applications throughout an organization or agency. We provide novel solutions for ensuring mission critical applications remain operational, are optimized and provide IT teams with unparalleled visibility into the end-user and end-user experience.

Our Approach

Did you know that Ravens work in cooperative teams to accomplish tasks too big for one single bird? The RavenTek team works closely alongside our customers to understand their current tool set, processes and procedures in order to find solutions that meet their unique requirements. Together, we’ll formulate a strategy and implementation plan to drive organizational buy-in and user adoption. When our customers are ready to fly, we support their lift and help them adjust to inevitable changes in their environment so that they don’t get left behind.