Leidos Supplier Symposium: Collaborating to Improve the User Experience

RavenTek shares UX expertise in Leidos Supplier Symposium panel.

RavenTek is committed to being at the forefront of industry events, networking with other industry leaders, and engaging in meaningful collaborations. As such, the RavenTek team was graciously invited to the recent Leidos Supplier Symposium, where we participated in a panel discussion around the user experience (UX)—sharing our expertise in this field and how we collaborate across the industry and government to achieve positive UX at all levels using data-driven insights via managed services and observability.

“While we have been involved in various industry events in the past, stepping into the Leidos Supplier Symposium for the first time was a unique and enriching experience,” said Chris Riordan, RavenTek CTO. “The wealth of knowledge we were exposed to, combined with the opportunity to influence the conversation, made this maiden experience unforgettable and set a high bar for future events.”

Top Takeaways

According to Riordan, the top three takeaways from this event were:

  1. That the urgency and importance of improving UX across the Department of Defense cannot be overstated. The push towards modernization and the transformative measures being taken are promising.
  2. There’s a palpable movement towards empirical measurement tools, which offer actionable insights into improving UX.
  3. “Collaboration is not just the future; it is the now”, a quote that resonated deeply, emphasizing the power of collective effort across different government and industry sectors.

Ultimately, what set this event apart was its grounded, mission-focused approach. The breakout sessions were not just theoretical discussions but rooted in tangible experiences, current challenges, and prospective solutions. Additionally, the diverse panel that Riordan participated in, which encompassed members from different military branches as well as private entities, made for a conversation filled with rich and varied perspectives.

“The symposium felt less like a mere showcase and more like a collaborative workshop,” Riordan adds. “Given the insightful discussions and the platform’s potential for meaningful collaborations, it’s an event that RavenTek would not want to miss.”

Every year offers fresh perspectives and new learnings, and RavenTek is excited about the possibility of not just learning but also sharing our evolving insights and solutions next year.

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