Splunk .conf23: Building Digital Resilience

Splunk .conf23 stage

RavenTek makes a splash at Splunk .conf23 around achieving true observability.

The RavenTek team had nothing short of an amazing experience at Splunk .conf23. Through our Splunk partnership, and as the 2023 Splunk PBST Rising Star Partner of the Year, RavenTek is better able to serve the needs of some of the largest agencies in the world and help them support their mission.

The theme for this year’s event, hosted in Las Vegas, was clearly focused on building “Digital Resilience”—one that perfectly aligns with how RavenTek engages our customers across commercial, federal and state and local markets. Among RavenTek attendees was Account Manager Makenna McGrann, who stated, “This event hosts such a diversity of industries and end users from private and public sectors to international, Fortune 500, and government organizations. RavenTek’s presence illustrated our commitment to our Splunk partnership and how we can help all these organizations get the most out of their investments.”

The Observability Evolution

“It was apparent in every conversation and in every presentation that the complexity of the cloud environment is creating massive amounts of data and incredible challenges for organizations of all sizes,” commented Ryan Coleman, RavenTek VP of Commercial Sales. “Gaining visibility into complex environment is only half the battle. Being able to provide context and correlate disperse data sources and provide meaningful insights and actions is what is required to secure every environment.”

At RavenTek, we have core beliefs that are foundational to helping organizations harden their security practice and launch or evolve an observability practice. And all of these beliefs were validated during last week’s show:

  1. Change is hard. Systems are complex. Observability must have executive sponsorship and vision.
  2. Teams love their data. Sharing isn’t always caring – meaning there must be a common language and expectation for what observability means.
  3. You can’t buy observability. It’s not a single tool. Observability is a practice of context and continuous improvement.
  4. Teams need to do more with less while still delivering on the mission. The approach needs to change to give stressed teams a fighting chance.
  5. You only know if you are resilient when pressure is applied.
Exciting Splunk Announcements

Additionally, a lot of exciting announcements were made at the show that support our mission to deliver amazing digital experiences to mission critical organizations worldwide. Here are some of our favorites:

The AI Assistant

AI is rapidly transforming every industry. With AI Assistant embedded in every workflow from summarizing an incident, to quarrying the data with natural language, to leveraging natural language to find events or suggesting the “right next step,” the launch of this new product was huge for our team.


We are excited about the introduction of Logic Loops into SOAR for us to be able to create more robust playbooks.

Splunk & Microsoft

This one is big! Splunk Cloud has been available on AWS and GCP. But what about Splunk for Microsoft Azure? Splunk and Microsoft announced a strategic partnership to bring Splunk Cloud solutions natively on Microsoft Azure and available for purchase on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Mission Control

Mission Control was reimagined to help both Security and Ops teams work from the same surface. This enables automatic analysis of active threats with full-scope insights and rapid resolution.  

RUM Replay

Real User Monitoring is an essential part of an organization’s observability practice and strategy. With RUM Replay, users can gain visibility into end-user impact with a video reconstruction of every user interaction and correlate replay with the session waterfall view of granular user session data to quickly debug issues. We love the ability to redact text and images to protect PII!

Splunk Edge Hub

Splunk is now making hardware. The Splunk Edge Hub is a new device with built-in sensors and is specifically configured to integrate with Splunk-based IoT solutions, allowing users to automatically stream sensor data into their Splunk instance. We are excited to see what the Splunk Edge Hub will evolve into.


RavenTek is all in on Splunk and the enterprise features that are helping to evolve our RavenVISION services and support customers on their journey of building an Observability Center of Excellence—something we believe every organization in today’s complex world needs to establish. Coming off this exhilarating event, we are eager as ever to help you unlock innovation, eliminate waste and gain access to a persistent and consistent pulse on your entire enterprise in real-time. 

Reach out to see how we can help build your Observability Center of Excellence today.

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