The Peel by OrangeSlices Hosts Mike Riordan to Discuss RavenTek Park

All about the evolution: from sponsoring jerseys to having our name on the park.

During a recent conversation on The Peel by OrangeSlices, Mike Riordan, CEO of RavenTek discussed our partnership with VA Revolution, a premier soccer club in Loudoun County, VA, in which we have acquired naming rights to the complex known as RavenTek Park.

In the interview, Mike explains the evolution of our involvement with VA Revolution from sponsoring jerseys to now having our name on the park, emphasizing the community impact and business opportunities it presents, and shares plans for utilizing the park for events, advertising opportunities for companies, and the facility’s expansion prospects.

Topics discussed include:

  • RavenTek’s partnership with VA Revolution and acquisition of naming rights to the park.
  • Utilization plans for RavenTek Park, including hosting events and creating advertising opportunities.
  • Expansion prospects and future plans for the sports complex.
  • Community impact and business opportunities resulting from the partnership.
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