Real-Time Data Aggregation to Empower an Observability Center of Excellence

Many organizations look at data intelligence only within the individual IT “silos” for which each set is created. An observability gap occurs when visible datasets remain in individual silos, whereas a visibility gap occurs when critical telemetry information is missing from any one of those silos.

The attempt to implement enterprise-wide DevOps and/or DevSecOps has faced challenges because the integration of these concepts are done through organizational change at the people and process pillar.


Siloed datasets created by disparate tools lead to visibility gaps and data redundancy from one team to the next. Overlap in the data due to tool sprawl creates overruns in IT spend and can create confusion as to which data is authoritative.

RavenVISION Data Intelligence Model

The RavenVISION Data Intelligence Model is tool agnostic and allows organizational change to propagate through the data at the pillar of technology.

RavenVISION Observability Data Value Chain

Used across time with advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence, the RavenVISION Observability Data Value Chain can help organizations proactively predict, prevent, respond, and protect enterprise data.

RavenVISION is a service implemented methodology for Zero Trust

We ensure the right subject matter experts are in place to match your existing technology investments. A robust assessment process of your current environment leads to thorough planning and build out of a completely integrated single context observability platform.

Service Features

Impartial technology Integration

Integrates AI/ML and automation to create a proactive posture

Transition service solution for complete end-to-end observability

Includes all IT domains to enhance security and operations

Maximizes existing investments to meet compliance and mandate goals

Complete integration of a single context observability platform

Complete observability is achieved by the visible integration of security, infrastructure, operations, and network data needed to inform zero trust architectures and proactively drive multi-domain service efficiency. This is the power of RavenVISION.

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