The RavenVISION Data Value Chain for Splunk Observability

RavenVISION observability data value chain

Create repeatable processes using a value-focused methodology for data insights.

“I have found that starting at the data level, and focusing on quality and real-time access to that data, enables organizations to promote real change through data-driven decisions.”

– Chris Riordan, RavenTek CTO


Being able to make data-driven decisions starts with visibility of your data. RavenVISION leverages RavenTek’s Data Value Chain to create repeatable processes using a value-focused methodology for continuous integration and delivery of relevant data to gain real, empirical insights. The process integrates existing investments in Splunk and other technologies to build an efficient data platform with the mission to set and reach incremental, achievable goals.

The RavenVISION Data Value Chain is a service offering that follows 4 phases:

  1. Assess & Plan
  2. Build & Transform
  3. Adopt & Transition
  4. Automate


Leveraging Integrated Splunk Observability in the RavenVISION Data Value Chain

Assess & Plan

  • Identify: Work across all teams to discover and analyze existing data sources
  • Rationalize: Complete tools and data rationalization to identify visibility gaps and overlap
  • Plan: Develop Observability data integration roadmap & schedule

Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud solutions
provide a comprehensive approach to security and operational data management in complex multi-cloud environments. These solutions allow you to:

  • Leverage schema on the fly to aggregate data across environments and build a successful unified location for disparate structured and unstructured metrics, traces, and logs posture
  • Enable the ability to normalize and manage critical data across various cloud service providers (CSPs) — including AWS, Azure and GCP — as well as platforms, applications and product implementations to better understand your complete data inventory
  • Adopt, operationalize, and secure multiple cloud technologies across your infrastructure
  • Conduct effective security investigations and analysis across multi-cloud services
  • Empower better visibility and understanding of data across multi-cloud environments for better investigation, alerting, remediation and reporting
  • Normalize and manage data across hybrid and cloud infrastructures to better analyze and detect threats, vulnerabilities and operational risks
  • Control costs by understanding data requirements, optimizing utilization of multiple tools providing similar data and scaling as demands grow


Build & Transform

  • Design: Architect existing and new data source integrations to fill gaps and eliminate overlaps in data
  • Integrate: Integrate data flows into Observability data warehouse
  • Transform: Transform and correlate data into actionable reports, alerts, visualizations, and reports

Splunk IT Operations / ITSI enable you to:

  • Seamlessly integrate data across the organization to give all stakeholders a clear picture of what’s happening and why
  • Ingest data once and leverage it across use cases to get a handle on tool proliferation
  • Apply purpose-built cloud solutions for IT, DevOps and security to manage, secure and optimize all aspects of the organization
  • Protect performance and availability: Reduce unplanned downtime by 60%
  • Realize efficient IT management: Reduce alert noise by 95% and mean time to repair (MTTR) by 90%
  • Experience end-to-end service visibility: Prevent service degradations 30 minutes in advance and reduce total incidents by 45%


Adopt & Transition

  • Correlate Team Action: Use correlative analytics to identify data interaction and impact across teams
  • Incentivize Process: Drive efficiency and reduced MTTD/R through data synergy in incident response
  • Educate: Encourage team data use for decision making, and train ML to use cases

Splunk Unified Observability enables:

  • Infrastructure Investigation & Monitoring: Monitor and manage hybrid, multi-cloud environments as well as your existing data center infrastructure with a unified, enterprise-wide solution
  • Business Service Insights: Tie together tech and business data to ensure the health of critical business services and delight your customers
  • Full-stack Observability: Accelerate innovation with Splunk’s Microservices APM that provides a directed approach to troubleshooting for maximum DevOps performance
  • Unified Cloud Security: Modernize and optimize security operations, strengthen cyber defenses and reduce risk exposure
  • Spot problems with full-fidelity tracing and find out why they occurred with Splunk’s proprietary investigative capabilities



  • Predict: Apply AI to ML use cases starting repetitive incident processes
  • Prevent & Respond: Apply data-driven Security and Operations automation playbooks to enhance your Prevent and Respond posture leveraging measurable KPI’s to demonstrate quantitative results
  • Protect: Increase proactive intelligence fusion for threat hunting and protection as well as enhance reliability of Zero-trust Policy Administrators, and Compliance scores

Splunk ML toolkit/SOAR/Premium Addons/UBA/Synthetics allow you to:

  • Go beyond monitoring with advanced analytics fueled by Unbounded Machine Learning, collaboration and automation — all from a single platform
  • Collect, process, distribute and gain insights from data in milliseconds with real-time stream processing
  • Automate incident response and threat remediation to augment your team’s resources and resolve issues significantly faster
  • Better predict what’s going to happen in the future through high-quality observability systems with learning algorithms that can understand the past health of your services and applications
  • Fully ingest all the data about your organization so that machine learning models get accurate perspectives of historical and real-time data
  • Predict high-likelihood, potential future events and harnesses the power of AI through ML to achieve predictive intelligence. AI-driven analytics Advances in AI can benefit you by doing the following: Reducing event clutter and false positives with multivariate anomaly detection
  • Automatically concealing duplicate events to focus on relevant ones and reducing alert storms
  • Easily sifting through vast amounts of events by filtering, tagging and sorting
  • Enriching and adding context to events to make them informative and actionable
  • Monitor applications automatically utilizing synthetic transactions to predict and detect problems before users realize them
  • Baseline, trend, analyze, detect, and predict user behavior to inform operational decisions and detect security threats among the user base


As part of RavenVISION, the RavenTek team applies its expert knowledge in a wide array of industry tools and technologies, as well as proprietary API integrations and visualization tools, to provide a faster time-to-value. The observability dashboards can be delivered through the RavenVISION Splunk app or through a customized front-end dashboard that leverages COTS technologies. Neither of these are sold or licensed as a product and are strictly delivered as part of a RavenTek service offering.

To learn more about this service offering, download the full white paper.

RavenVISION Splunk White Paper
Go Beyond Enterprise Security