Managed Services

A Flexible Approach to Cybersecurity & IT Managed Services

Strategic, fully and co-managed solutions and services that can be implemented across your entire organization.

Today, IT comprises complex architectures across a remote and global workforce. Teams mitigate constant cybersecurity attacks and the need to comply with ever-changing regulations. They’re expected to find efficiencies and reduce operational costs—all while trying to build a better, more resilient business.  

These many moving pieces can be overwhelming and distract your focus from core business goals and objectives.

Dedication to Customer Service

Combining industry expertise, an understanding of the latest technologies, and a dedication to customer service, RavenTek drives compliance, security and operational excellence for your business. Our Managed Services are built to enable achieving more with less, including:

RavenTek Co-Managed & Fully Managed Services


Empower an Observability Center of Excellence with RavenVISION and drive better decision-making with real-time data aggregation and reporting.

Managed Splunk

Maximize your investment in Splunk and streamline your security, observability and SOAR operations with RavenTek’s Splunk-certified experts.

Managed ServiceNow

Harness the power of ServiceNow across your organization and deliver connected experiences at each phase of your digital transformation journey.

A Force Multiplier for Your Team​

RavenTek’s consulting and advisory squad is comprised of industry experts, compliance mavens and world-class technologists who are constantly innovating in current and future tech stacks.

Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your daily business and security operations. Get the most out of your technology investments, while controlling cost and delivering a consistent experience for your internal and external stakeholders. Enable your core team to become more strategic and deliver high-value results by leaving the tech stack maintenance and operations to us.