Solution Brief: RavenTek and Nutanix for Splunk

Achieve simplicity, scalability and observability for Splunk data analytics.

RavenTek has partnered with Nutanix to help you deploy the ultimate Splunk solution. Splunk is the leading software platform for unlocking the power of data to drive IT operations and business. But, with data growing at an unprecedented rate, keeping up with the infrastructure needs of Splunk as well as proactively monitoring and responding to every incident your team encounters is challenging.

You may already be familiar with RavenTek’s capabilities in Splunk Observability. Using the RavenVISION Data Intelligence Model, we are able to identify and locate authoritative data sources across your entire organization. Still, this is just the data observability and security piece of the puzzle.

This Solution Brief details how, together, RavenTek and Nutanix balance your need for security with that of efficiency and innovation, and empower your teams with a Splunk solution that enables them to spend more time gaining valuable insights that empower them to make data-driven decisions.

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