Zero Trust Budgeting Ideas & Priorities for the Government

Learn to plan and implement a zero trust environment within any budget.

Ransomware, malware, phishing, DDoS, social engineering, zero-day exploit, botnets – the list of types of attacks out there is long enough to keep even the most seasoned cybersecurity expert awake at night. And with the increased use of remote computing, the cyber attack surface grows as more edge devices are added to networks. Creating a zero trust environment holds a lot of promise to provide significantly improved cybersecurity.

In the face of new and growing threats many federal, state and local IT budgets stay the same, however. The challenge becomes how to plan and implement a zero trust environment within budgets that are slow to increase.

In partnership with FedInsiderCarahsoft and Akamai, RavenTek has gathered insights from government and industry thought leaders exploring some of the unique concepts and ideas that helped to create one of the most cutting-edge cybersecurity centers in the country.

These experts have experienced the challenge from both sides and understand what it takes to create a zero trust path that can be followed. Gain access to both a podcast and webinar and get started on your zero trust budgeting journey today.

Two for One: Podcast & Webinar