Constitutional Data Collection Goes Digital

Over its 230 year history, the US agency in charge of the decennial data collection has relied on surveyors to gather population data until now.

The global COVID-19 pandemic impacted the way people communicated and made the world more reliant on digital solutions than ever before. Although the agency already had their digital roadmap planned prior to COVID-19, it proved to make their modernization efforts more critical than ever before. While technology, like cloud computing and mobile devices made it easy to go digital, it also posed challenges that needed to be addressed such as availability, access and security.

The agency proactively leveraged available technology to make participation easier for all Americans, while providing the US government more efficient access to the resulting data. With a response rate of 99.98% from constituents, the joint effort between the agency, Akamai and RavenTek resulted in the successful roll-out of the inaugural 2020 online survey.