Make Data-Driven Decisions with Splunk Observability

Realize operational efficiencies and overcome challenges with data visibility.

Splunk is traditionally known as a best-of-breed enterprise security information and event management (SIEM) platform. It is often heavily leveraged by security operations teams but is underutilized, or completely dismissed, by other IT teams.

In a conversation with RavenTek CTO, Chris Riordan, executive vice president of Splunk observability, Mala Pillutla stated, “A breach and an outage result in an equally bad situation.”  IT executives understand the technical nuances between the two. However, to business stakeholders and end users, breaches and outages mean downtime and loss in productivity.

IT organizations are challenged to proactively monitor and respond to every incident, avoiding negative impacts to business operations while balancing costs.

Splunk Observability and the RavenVISION Model

RavenTek uses the RavenVISION Data Intelligence Model to identify and locate authoritative data sources across an organization. The discovery model incorporates core concepts of Zero Trust and Secure Enterprise Governance and Intelligence (SEGI), which provides a comprehensive approach to IT security and management with a focus on balancing the need for security with that of efficiency and innovation.

The discovery process starts by reviewing data requirements, current capabilities and the maturity of existing technology investments, as well as identifying gaps in the data and mapping all data seams or overlap that needs to be consolidated or optimized to build a data architecture with the highest levels of cardinality. RavenTek utilizes the discovered data in Splunk’s data fusion tools to analyze and correlate disparate data and then apply and integrate ML and AI technology to guide insights and decisions.

Having worked with many large IT organizations over his career, Chris Riordan, understands the organizational challenges IT managers face when attempting to share data across teams and environments in the quest to realize operational efficiencies. Chris states, “Often, organizational change is attempted at the people or process level. However, I have found that starting at the data level, and focusing on quality and real-time access to that data, enables organizations to promote real change through data-driven decisions.”

Being able to make data-driven decisions starts with visibility of your data. Federal, state and local agencies need more than just visibility – they need complete, unified observability to understand and detect data gaps and data overlaps created by data silos. Complete, unified observability provides the ability to predict, prevent, respond to and protect against complex data challenges and these challenges are only getting more complex as more organizations move to cloud and micro-services. A new opportunity is on the forefront for agencies and organizations alike to reach beyond legacy ‘monitoring’ and evolve into ‘visibility’ and further into ‘observability’ to become champions of operational excellence, create amazing digital experiences and build resilient cyber operations.

To learn more about this service offering, download the full white paper.

Get More with a Certified Partner

As a certified Splunk partner and managed service provider, RavenTek delivers on business outcomes and solves real, complex problems by bring the entire ecosystem, architecture and data into focus. RavenVISION, powered by RavenTek, leverages the power of Splunk Observability to achieve the visible integration of security, infrastructure, operations and network data needed to proactively drive multi-domain service efficiency. By using Splunk as the backbone, RavenVISION aggregates and securely integrates multi-domain, multi-platform, multi-tool data and often dispersed, siloed datasets into actionable, contextualized insights.

To learn more about this service offering, download the white paper.

RavenVISION Splunk White Paper
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