Discover and Secure Connected Healthcare Devices


Discover your devices, understand what they are doing, and secure them at scale.

Connected, and secure, healthcare devices are a significant part of the modern patient care experience. These IP-enabled devices can range from infusion pumps, and imaging systems to building management systems, cameras, lighting and HVAC.

While these devices are critical to digital transformation and enhancing healthcare efficiencies, they also increase the attack surface. Manufacturers don’t always design them with security in mind, leaving them to run obsolete operating systems and uneasily patchable. In addition, because they’re largely procured and managed by teams outside of security, true and accurate real-time inventory is missing.

To deliver quality care without compromising patient safety or sensitive data, healthcare organizations need to discover, understand and secure these connected devices at scale. Download the RavenTek and Ordr solutions brief for insights into how.

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