Employ Mission Critical Analytics at the Tactical Edge

Don't lose out on the hard work it took to build those data-driven cultures.

Civilian and defense agencies alike have been progressively adopting a more data-driven culture with the help of Qlik Sense. Qlik Sense is a complete data analytics platform that uses unique associative analytics, cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI), and high-performance cloud computing. By empowering employees across the entire workforce (from data analysts to HR, finance, executive leadership, procurement, and more), agencies using Qlik Sense enjoy the ability to make better decisions with mission critical analytics, creating truly data-driven enterprises.

Now, these agencies don’t have to lose out on the hard work it took to build those data-driven cultures when sending employees to austere environments for their missions. Whether it’s deployment, fieldwork, emergency response, or any mission that requires working without reliable access to the data center, employees can still harness the power of Qlik Sense analytics.

How? A portable data center that can be deployed anytime at any given location, no matter how hazardous the terrain. RavenTek’s Tactical Edge Compute system encompasses this portable data center in a box to enable federal employees to power mission critical applications with the computing strength of a data center even in disconnected operation scenarios. The Tactical Edge Compute system makes it possible to take Qlik analytics to the tactical edge.

Download the solutions brief for more information.

Download the Solutions Brief