3 Ways to Prioritize Telework in a Modern IT Strategy

Remote working is likely to become the norm even after the pandemic subsides.

The COVID-19 outbreak will have a long-term impact on how government employees get work done to meet their objectives. Having a telework strategy is likely to become the norm, even after the pandemic subsides, and agencies should prepare for this long-term shift.

At the same time, agencies still need to deal with the explosive growth of applications in a cloud and mobile world. All government missions rely on optimal network and app performance– from the civilian employee in the office to the warfighter on the battlefield.  Agency IT leaders need to visualize, optimize, accelerate, and remediate the performance of any network for every type of enterprise application. RavenTek and Riverbed empower agencies to do just that.

In this eGuide on a modern telework strategy you will learn how Riverbed Technology solutions can help your agency:

  • Always know what’s on the network.
  • Troubleshoot before it’s an issue.
  • Improve cost efficiency.
  • Strengthen cyber posture.
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