SD-WAN Propels Network Modernization Initiatives

Agency identifies Riverbed SteelConnect EX as SD-WAN solution for unique needs.

A federal civilian agency that serves tens of millions of customers across an extensive network of approximately 100 locations wanted to streamline its business processes and improve the customer experience for clients, employees, and public and private partners. The agency also needed to improve its cloud migration and oversight controls in risk management, security, data mobility and IT investments to meet federal guidance and standards, and most importantly, deliver on its mission.

Working in partnership with RavenTek, the agency identified Riverbed SteelConnect EX as the SD-WAN solution for network modernization to meet their unique functionality, cybersecurity, consolidation and cost savings requirements. The agency’s forward-looking vision to implement SD-WAN to drive its cloud deployment, consolidate infrastructure and modernize their network serves as an innovative use case for other agencies.

The agency is now well-positioned to navigate the complicated undertaking of transitioning from legacy systems to a new network paradigm, while implementing a solution that provides reliability, scalability, connectivity and control over a hybrid environment.

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