Streamlining a Civilian Agency’s Migration to the Cloud

Migrating application workloads from a local data center to Microsoft Azure.

A large civilian agency within the US federal government sought application workload migration to the cloud from a local private data center using Microsoft Azure. With the agency’s workforce being geographically dispersed across the country, network latency was a concern and so the agency sought to mitigate the disparity with a solution that could help them optimize applications and networks. To achieve migration to the cloud, the agency leaned on RavenTek for its proven experience tackling difficult and complex application and network performance challenges.

While SSL/TLS protocols bolster cybersecurity by providing the necessary encryption and authentication measures, they make it more challenging for agencies to accelerate application performance due to a host of private keys, licenses, and certificates (PKI). A federal IT team would have to access these PKIs just to optimize one of the hundreds of apps in an agency’s ecosystem.

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