How to Reduce MTTR & Advance Your Digital Journey

If applications are not working properly, employees cannot work properly.

Application performance directly impacts business performance and the ability to reduce mean time to recovery (MTTR). If applications are not working properly, employees cannot work properly, collaboration cannot happen, customers and citizens cannot be served efficiently, and transactions cannot be completed effectively.

A large civilian agency within the US federal government was driven to streamline its business processes across distributed environments to ensure service quality and fully optimized IT resources as well as reduce MTTR. The agency was making a transition to a hybrid cloud environment that would save money while creating more shared resources, operational efficiencies, scalability, and enhanced end-user experience with digital applications and services. Ultimately, through this cloud transition, the agency wanted to provide broad visibility and analytics across all networks, applications, and end-users.

RavenTek’s guidance has made way for the agency’s stakeholders to now have unified visibility into all possible pain points with Riverbed’s SteelCentral solution. They also have a better understanding of how to solve key performance issues and the agency is now armed with critical information needed to make a smart transition into the cloud.

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