Delivering Observability as a Certified Splunk Partner

How RavenTek is dedicated to continually enhancing its Splunk partner strategy.

Over the past 18 months, RavenTek has worked tirelessly to develop a winning partner strategy with Splunk. To showcase how invested we are in the partnership’s success, the team attended Splunk’s sales kick-off (SKO) last month. While there, we discussed current and new opportunities to expand our combined reach. We also discussed bringing more awareness to the technology solutions we offer to both the private and public sectors.

At the event, members of the Splunk team shared their appreciation for the work that RavenTek’s engineering team has put into developing RavenVISION—a unified observability platform that enables Splunk clients to take their investments to the next level.

“It’s no secret that observability is the theme of 2023,” commented Ryan Coleman, VP of SLED & Commercial Sales. “Splunk has made it clear that delivering observability for its clients is a key objective right now. RavenTek’s ability to introduce and integrate Splunk with complimentary vendor solutions is proving to be a great differentiator.”

Makenna McGrann, RavenTek Account Manager adds, “This was my first time attending the Splunk SKO. I found it extremely beneficial to have face-to-face conversations with Splunk account teams and leadership. Splunk is very receptive to the fresh perspective that the RavenTek team can bring to their new and existing customers. I look forward to attending this event again and to RavenTek’s continued success with the Splunk team.”

Ultimately, RavenTek is extremely dedicated to its partnership with Splunk and ensuring organizations worldwide are armed with the managed services and data observability that they need to achieve their goals. This event motivated and inspired our team to continue building upon relationships and enhancing our service offerings to be the best partner we can to one of the best technology providers in the worl.

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